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About Us

ICS International Carrier Services Inc. the New brand of ICS LLC the Georgian company founded in 2017. We are a professional telecommunication company that delivers the best voice quality to our clients.

Besides our Telecommunication business, ICS Group is a proud leader in security, development, and consultancy.

The company was founded in 2017 by its Chairman and CEO, Elias Melky and since then, a lot of goals were achieved by the team and members of ICS. Thanks to the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship that Mr. Melky has employed to take ICS to the top level in the telecommunication industry.

Meet our Executive Team

Elias Melky

Walid Bechara
President & CFO

Naira Khachikyan
Head of Business Development
Naira Azizyan
Head of Wholesale Department

We are passionate about linking the world with our services.

As one of the leading providers of telecommunications services across the globe, we have a lot of products and services that will interest you. We carry over half a million international minutes a day, oh that was last year! In 2020, and due to Covid-19 we are carrying more than 750 thousand minutes a day basically to our direct interconnections like Kenya, Haiti, Yemen, and other destinations. (the list is big).


ICS believes that connecting the world truly as one makes our team from several countries work together in a way that every one of you could find what they need in the language they need. Our team speaks English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Persian, Hindi, and Swahili.

We are one of the pioneers in VoIP, with an experienced CEO like Mr. Melky and a very well experienced CFO like Mr. Bechara, joined force to make ICS together a top wholesale voice traffic provider.


We are on top of the wholesale business and we know it very deep. We have built personal relationships step by step over the last years and leverage them to get our clients the best voice possible solution that cuts off lots of payments and reduces their spendings reaching the world.

With Cheers connect, our mobile dialer that has more than ten thousand subscribers from around the world, our business solutions, our private PBX installations, and other services have driven us to master the retail business over the past years.

ICS has a vertical concentration of the following markets:
- Telecommunications
- IT Consultancy
- Financial Consultancy
- Business Development
- Social Media Marketing
- Data Centers
- Security and Countermeasures
- Windows and Mobile App Development
- Web development

Our Offices Location


Sachkhere Municipality, V. Dunta, Georgia
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ICS International Carrier Services Inc.

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